ACP is solely and simply a Client Advocate. We view our role as guiding our clients through the complex tasks of planning, implementing and constructing their capital project.

Project Process

ACP’s priority is to act as an independent agent working for each client as if we were a member of their staff. We will manage the process of achieving a coordinated design with a honed approach to meeting the client’s needs for budgetary, schedule and aesthetic goals. A project’s success relates directly to the effective exchange of information and the ability to minimize risk. We have found that the pre-construction planning phase of each project is most important. It is here, when the strategic programming, planning, procurement, contracting and logistic decisions are made that will produce an efficient and effective project. Our collaborative and creative approach to the pre-construction and procurement phases will simplify the process during construction as many options will have been explored and a detailed program developed.

Client’s find our approach flexible, comprehensive and geared to their specific project requirements. ACP becomes a valued “Team Partner” with each Client, along with the Architect and Consultants. Our approach is not adversarial, but rather to form a cohesive group that will explore all reasonable options to meet the Client’s goals.

Stuart Koshner

In 2017 Stu created Atlantic Coast Partners LLC to offer clients in the Metropolitan New York Real Estate marketplace his vast experience in the construction arena. His portfolio of project types span: higher education, K-12, museums, performing arts venues, high-end apartment renovations, building conversions, new construction, commercial interiors, health care, etc. Stu brings a practical know-how approach along with a commitment to find creative solutions to project challenges. Since ACP’s inception, Stu has provided project advocate guidance for higher education, high-end apartment renovations, building conversions, new construction and commercial interior projects.

Stuart Koshner

Stu has spent the last 30 years as the managing partner at RCDolner where he managed numerous projects of all types in the Metropolitan New York Real Estate marketplace. He has constructed projects of varying types, both new construction and major renovations. Stu’s expertise in working on challenging site logistics have become commonplace and he has been successful in approaching projects with creative solutions. Finding the right choice of contractor and subcontractors for a given project is made easier when you know the marketplace and the people within it. The projects listed in the portfolio section are projects performed as RCDolner. Stu is currently creating a new portfolio of projects under the auspices of Atlantic Coast Partners.